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Dominican Republic - Ritmex Consultora S.R.L.
Malaysia - Zero Emission Resources Sdn Bhd
MP Energy LLC is involved in bringing Alternative Renewable Energy Solutions to the global marketplace. Our clean, renewable waste energy solution promises to provide a permanent solution to garbage disposal problems, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint in the world.

Our CO2 synthesis process is environmentally friendly creating "O"emissions.

Salient facts:

  1. The CO2 synthesizer is manufactured in the Europe.
  2. Available in configurations of 15 - 1000 Mega Watts per hour.
  3. Consumes approximately 1,000 tons of garbage per day for 30 MW / HR.
  4. Consumes all types of garbage including tires and plastics and medical waste.
  5. The CO2 synthesizer runs on its own energy while consuming less than 2 % of the energy it produces.

The technology and solution are in advance stages of government approvals in India, Dominic Republic and Malaysia.

Call or write us to learn more about how our green technology can alleviate your bulk waste disposal problems while generating clean alternate energy.